Our human bowling balls are designed to give you pure fun. Unlike normal bowling, human bowling gives you an experience like no other; riding inside a giant ball and running around your lane is going to give you a feeling like no other. With the ball’s complete kit you will roll with the ball knocking down a set of pins in a simulation of normal bowling. Our balls are made out of strong PVC material which guarantees your safety. The balls are transparent so as to increase the fun experience.


Our human bowling balls are easily inflated and they come with a very efficient and nice to use blower. A strong zipper keeps the ball closed at all times when you are playing and it opens easily when you want to get out. A small blower is permanently installed on this ball to make sure it is optimally inflated at all times.

You can order for a customized human bowling ball which will suit your demands. Our professionals will customize the ball incorporating all the specified features into its design. Our balls also come in different sizes ranging from smaller inflatable balls for children aged between 5-12 years to outdoor giant inflatable balls which can be used by a grown person. We have snow human bowling balls which will be used during the cold winter; playing on snow in these balls will give you a winter experience to remember.

The different human bowling balls go for different prices depending on the associated features. The quality of our human balls is guaranteed and in case of any problem including setting up the ball, contact us and our professionals will quickly respond to your call. The human bowling ball complete kit comes with a lane and a set of pins.